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The Ocular Plastic & Orbital Diseases Department was founded in 2004.

Faculty experts and team
Academic leader Sun Fengyuan is doctoral tutor, professor, chief physician, the government post expert of the state council, the Chinese academy of ophthalmology, eye plastic, orbital epidemiology group deputy head, ultrasonic medical committee, director of the academy of ophthalmology in China, the endoscopic professional committee of the standing committee, director of the institute of asia-pacific eye socket/ eye plastic, director of the European and American Alumni Association of Overseas Students, visiting professor of the University of Amsterdam Eye Bank, National Natural Science Foundation evaluation expert, editor at Chinese Ophthalmology and more than 10 magazines, a Tianjin Health System Cross-century talent, expert in eyelid disease, senior expert in Tianjin, deputy chairman of the Tianjin Ophthalmology Society, deputy director of the Jiusan Society, and deputy chairman of the Tianjin Municipal Committee……

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Dr Tang Dongrun MD
Senior Consultant
Dr Zhu Limin MD
Prof Sun Fengyuan MD
Senior Consultant
Doctors Profile
Tianjin Medical University Eye Hospital