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Our hospital set up the ocular trauma department in 2012, and officially established the trauma & comprehensive ophthalmology department in 2019.

Faculty experts and team
The head of department is Dr Ren Xinjun. He is also the director of emergency department. He has been engaged in ophthalmology clinical work for more than 10 years and was skillful in the diagnosis and treatment of common and complicated ophthalmic diseases, especially the vitreoretinal diseases. He is proficient in cataract and vitrectomy operations. He got a grant supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and has participated in several projects of the National and Tianjin Natural Science Foundation. He published seven papers in SCI index journals, including three papers published in IOVS, RETINA and EYE as the first author. He also published many Chinese articles. In 2016, the application of stem cell therapy in ophthalmic diseases awarded the second prize of Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Award and the third prize of Chinese Medical Science……

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Dr Ren Xinjun MD PhD
Dr Ke Yifeng MD PhD
Dr Tan Liangzhang MD
Doctors Profile
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