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About Orbital Disease Institute of TMU
The orbital disease institute of Tianjin Medical University is an important platform to organize scientific research on orbital disease, cultivate excellent talents and carry out academic cooperation. The institute has a complete academic echelon, including four master and doctoral supervisors, six senior professional titles and three intermediate professional titles. After years of work, many achievements have been made in the basic research of adenoid cystic carcinoma of the orbit, inflammatory pseudotumor, thyroid eye disease and some other orbital diseases. In recent years, the orbital disease and orthopedic team has been funded by the national natural science foundation of China(NSFC), the industry fund project of the national health and family planning commission, the major international cooperation projects and general projects of the Tianjin science and technology commission, and the key projects of the Tianjin health and family planning commission. The team members have won a second prize of national science and technology progress award, three times of the second prize and twice of the third prize of Tianjin science and technology achievement award, and three times of first prize of Tianjin medical university science and technology award. He has published nearly 200 papers, edited 5 monographs, and participated in the compilation of more than 30 national textbooks and monographs. It has held 25 state-level continuing education classes, which have cultivated more than 1,000 orbital disease doctors,who professionalize in orbital diseases and eye tumors in China.

Working within the Orbital Disease and Plastic Sugery Department and in collaboration with colleagues throughout the TMU Eye Hospital, our faculty have developed an extensive program of research in orbital tumors and thyroid eye disease.

International Collaboration
The orbital disease institute has established long-term cooperation with University of AMSTERDAM Orbital Disease Center and Michigan University Kellogg Eye Center. We collaborate on thyroid eye disease and orbital tumors, primarily in sharing the experience of clinical work and the exploration of mechanisms of the disease.
University of AMSTERDAM Orbital Disease Center(Prof Sun)

Michigan University Kellogg Eye Center (Dr Wu)

Tianjin Medical University Eye Hospital