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The Department of Traditional Chinese medicine Ophthalmology was founded in 2013.

Faculty experts and team
The head of department is Dr. Liu Wen, who is graduated from Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine with a master’s degree in Traditional Chinese ENT & Ophthalmology specialty. Now she works as a member of Ophthalmology Branch of Promotion Committee of traditional Chinese Medicine Researches, and member of Physicians Branch Committee of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine. She has worked in our hospital for 11 years and conduct a grant, which won the Second Prize of Combined Products of both Chinese and Western Rural Technologies. She also published seven papers in national core journals and participated in writing Treatment of Eye Diseases for Old and Middle-aged Patients with Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Therapies. Up to now, she has already proficiently carried out the traditional Chinese medicine theory --“Preventive Treatment of Disease”, with which to prevent and treat ocular disorders in youth as myopia, amblyopia, Glaucoma and Diabetic Retinopathy……

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Dr Liu Wen
Dr Wang Yifan MD
Dr Kuang Xinqi MD
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