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Cataract department was established in 1989. Starting from the International IOL implantation training center in Tianjin, China. One of the first institute to introduce IOL implantation surgery in China. At that time, we are the only specialized hospital for cataract surgery and training in China, leading and promoting the popularity of refractive cataract surgery up to now.

Faculty experts and team

The faculty expert, Professor Zhang Hong, is the first-generation phaco surgeon and renown ophthalmologist in China. She is now a member of the cataract committee of the Chinese Ophthalmology Society, and a member of the American cataract refractive society. The team now has three senior consultants and three consultants, including one doctoral supervisor and six doctors with PhD degrees. The level of clinical technology is synchronized with the world's leading edge, and it has certain academic status and popularity at home and abroad. At present, under the guidance of Professor Zhang Hong, our department has made great achievements in clinical work, teaching and scientific research……

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Dr Tian Fang MD PhD
Senior Consultant
Prof Zhang Hong MD PhD
Senior Consultant
Dr Sun Jing MD PhD
Senior Consultant
Doctors Profile
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