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Tianjin Medical University Eye Hospital (TMUEH), previously known as Tianjin Medical University Eye Center commenced operation in 1989 as International Intraocular Implantation Training Center, which was founded with the donation and support of many international friends. TMUEH is a national A class tertiary and academic eye hospital combined the clinical work, education, research and training. TMUEH is the only affiliated eye hospital of Tianjin Medical University with postgraduate education for master and PhD in ophthalmology, master and PhD in optometry and post doc training program. In addition, TMUEH is the national clinical trial center for drug and medical instrument and the key discipline of Tianjin city, the eye health management center for children, the key lab of Tianjin city, bio-sample bank of Tianjin, the medical safety control center of Tianjin and the affiliated center for international scientific collaboration of Tianjin.

TMUEH occupies 24 000 m2 with 120 beds in the wards. Current employee number is 350 in which 94% hold a master or high education degree. 84% of the nursing staffs hold a bachelor degree or above. The faculty experts hold various awards and recognition from the state and the city, including: special stipend from the state office, expert of Tianjin, outstanding contribution of Tianjin, high talent of the health industry of Tianjin, invited professor of Tianjin, academic leader of higher education of Tianjin and the recipients of the key talent education program of Tianjin.

The annual visits of TMUEH in 2019 was almost 400 000, the surgical volume was 20 000. The hospital is specialized in the treatment of many common and rare ocular conditions. TMUEH now consists of ten subspecialties including cataract, glaucoma, vitreo-retinal surgery, ocular trauma , ocular plastic &orbital disease, cornea & refractive surgery, medical retina &neuro-ophthalmology, uveitis & ocular immunology and traditional Chinese ophthalmology, two institutes - eye institute and orbital diseases institute, and five treatment centers including diabetic eye disease prevention and control center, refractive surgery center, strabismus and pediatric ophthalmology center, myopic control center and optometry center. The cataract, glaucoma, orbital diseases and ocular plastic, refractive and cornea and the vitreo-retinal surgery are the top specialties in the country.

The priority of the TMUEH is the patients centered care with continue improvement in medical service. We are persistently pursuit the high standard in moral and value of the medicine. For the last 30 years, TMUEH has been recognized as the one of the medical provider with high quality of care and excellent experience.

Tianjin Medical University Eye Hospital