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  The Tianjin Medical University Eye Institute & was officially established in March 2012. It is a comprehensive research institution for organizing high-level ophthalmological research, training excellent ophthalmologists, and academic exchange. The building area of the Eye Institute covers about 1,700 square meters. It consists of diabetic eye disease laboratory, stem cell laboratory, transformational medicine laboratory, immunology laboratory, molecular biology laboratory, genetic laboratory, proteomics laboratory, pathology laboratory, cell culture laboratory, animal experimental center, biobank, and more. The Eye Institute is equipped with Zeiss confocal microscope, AB6600 protein mass spectrometer, ABI-7900 fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument, BD flow cytometry, IVF biosafety workstation, UVP gel imaging system, ultra high speed centrifugal instrument, and so on. An open and shared research platform for biobank, proteomics, and genetics has been established. The Eye Institute has 13 staff members and 8 foreign specialists, forming a strong professional research team. In 2018, the Eye Institute was entitled as Tianjin Key Laboratory of Retinal Function and Disease and Tianjin International Joint Research Center of Ophthalmology and Vision Science.

Tianjin Medical University Eye Hospital