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Establishment Time, Creator and Background of Departments
The Diabetes Ophthalmology Prevention and Control Center was established in 2014. It has created diabetes patients’ special medical profile and provided whole body care guidance and remote counseling services

Discipline Leaders and Teams
There are 9 doctors in our center (1 postdoctoral, 5 doctoral and 3 master), including 2 chief physicians, 2 deputy chief physicians, 3 chief physicians, 2 physicians and 1 technician.We are good at diagnosis and treatment of diabetic ophthalmopathy.We also developed projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation, Tianjin Natural Science Foundation and Tianjin Education Commission. We published more than 70 articles in SCI and Chinese core journals, including 24 articles in SCI……

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Dr Li Zhiqing MD PhD
Senior Consultant
Dr Yu Rongguo MD
Dr Wang Linni MD PhD
Doctors Profile
Tianjin Medical University Eye Hospital