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The Department of Medical Retina and Neuro-ophthalmology was founded in 1998.

Faculty experts and team
The department has 7 doctors (Four PhD and three masters of medicine), including 2 senior consultants, 1 consultant, 3 associate consultants and 1 doctor in training. In order to improve the clinical knowledge preservation and scientific research ability of young doctors, our department has been sponsored in a series of national follow-up education projects for neuro-ophthalmology and fundus imaging for many years, a variety of fundus reading meetings, OCT training courses, and regular communication. We also hold several learning activities with departments such as cataract, glaucoma and corneal diseases.……

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Dr Li Zhiqing MD PhD
Senior Consultant
Dr Yu Rongguo MD
Dr Wang Linni MD PhD
Doctors Profile
Tianjin Medical University Eye Hospital