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The Optometry Center of Tianjin Medical University Eye Hospital, which specializes in optometry and ophthalmology, has a strong medical team relying on the School of Optometry & Ophthalmology and Eye Hospital. The departments under the Center include Optometry Clinic, Low Vision Rehabilitation, Contact Lens Fitting and Myopia Control, Visual Quality Assessment and Optician service.

The services offered by the Optometry Center involve the diagnosis and treatment of common eye diseases, refractive error and presbyopia, as well as low visual function assessment and rehabilitation, the contact lens (soft lens, RGP, MCT) fitting, the examination and treatment of asthenopia and abnormal binocular vision, prevention and control of myopia, the eye health examination and education, as well as the professional fitting of various eyeglass.

The medical team of the Center consists of experienced ophthalmologists and optometrists,who have rich educational background and clinical experience. They also undertake the lecturing and clinical teaching of graduate students, undergraduates, domestic and international exchange students, as well as refresher doctors.

Always patient-centered, the Optometry Center of Tianjin Medical University Eye Hospital strives to provide quality visual health assessment and treatment with superior services and professional technologies, so as to meet the modern visual demands of clear, comfortable vision for each patient.

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