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Tianjin Medical University Eye Hospital (TMUEH), previously known as Tianjin Medical University Eye Center commenced operation in 1989 as International Intraocular Implantation Training Center, which was founded with the donation and support of many international friends. TMUEH is a national A class tertiary and academic eye hospital combined the clinical work, education, research and training.

TMUEH is the only affiliated eye hospital of Tianjin Medical University with postgraduate education for master and PhD in ophthalmology & optometry as well as postdoctoral training program. TMUEH is endowed with the titles of the National Clinical Trail Center ForDrug and Medical Instrument, Tianjin Clinical Research Centre for Ocular Diseases, TianjinKey Laboratory, Tianjin Key Clinical Discipline, the Eye Health Management Center for Children, Tianjin Bio-sample Bank, the Medical Safety Control Center of Tianjin, Tianjin International Joint Research and Development Centre and Tianjin Employment Trainee Base. Based on the Clinical Medicine Postdoctoral Research Station of Tianjin Medical University, TMUEH has always paid more attention to the introduction and nurture of postdoctoral talents, especially the development of interdisciplinary, medical and industrial integration, and integration of production and teaching as well as research. TMUEH was officially approved as Tianjin Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base in 2020, becoming the cradle of gathering high-level talents.


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Tianjin Medical University Eye Institute

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Tianjin Medical University Eye Hospital