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BEYOND THE HORIZON -- Collaboration of TMUEH and School of Mechanical Engineering of Tianjin University

  At the beginning of the 2021, the research featured with the interdisciplinary collaboration is becoming one of the major driving forces to further the translational and transformation of the basic science to meet the clinical demands. 

Dr. Bu Shao Chong briefly introduced the recent developments of TMUEH. 
Prof Li Xiao Rong wiht mobile microphone, expressing a warm welcome to the visitors from Tianjin University.

The research collaboration was first proposed by the dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering of Tianjin University. On the 13th of Jan, a group of scientists from the school of mechanical engineering visited TMUEH with their expertise in solid mechanics, engineering, material science, biophysics, and robotic engineering. “For years, the school of mechanical engineering has been working on mechanics and biophysics”, said by Prof. Cui Yu Hong, professor in mechanical physics, “we are seeking the opportunities to apply our research into clinical medicine to meet the need of the doctors and patients.”

Prof. Cui Yu Hong from School of Mechanical Engineering, Tianjin University
Prof. Wang Zhi Yong from School of Mechanical Engineering, Tianjin University
“TMUEH is expanding on our longstanding expertise in clinical management of ocular diseases and innovative approach to better care for our patients. The collaboration with the school of mechanical engineering is a promising opportunity for us to find the next generation technologies to equip our doctors battling the ocular conditions.” Said Prof. Li Xiao Rong, the medical director of TMUEH.
“This partnership support our focus to investigate and identify novel technology approaches with a network of innovative scientists to develop transformative therapies for the patients.” Prof. Zhao Shao Zhen, the deputy director of TMUEH. 

The enthusiastic researchers discussed various possibilities of their research interests and their experiences, which lead to several lines of future research opportunities, including the cornea detection using terahertz AI system, the dynamic application of OCT for ocular tissue, the biophysical behavior of ocular structure, tear dynamic, microsurgical robotic application and the vitreous motion dynamics. 


This collaboration is an important opportunity for both side to utilize their strengths to find innovative solutions for those impacted by ocular diseases and for better care of our patients," Prof. Li emphasized, “We are pleased to work with an institute that shares the same value and vision of solving great challenges.”

Tianjin Medical University Eye Hospital