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Brief Report of the Visit to SNEC / SERI

At the invitation of Singapore National Eye Centre/Singapore Eye Research Institute(SNEC/SERI), Prof. Zhao Shaozhen, the deputy director of Tianjin Medical University Eye Hospital (TMUEH), led a six-member delegation including Dr. Huang Yue, head of The Department of Corneal and Refractive Surgery, Dr. Liu Juping, head of Clinical Research Center, Mr. Lin Song, head of Special Examination Department, Mrs. Sun Guoling, chief of the Dean's Office, and Mrs. Gao Fei from Clinical Research Centre, to participate in the SNEC 30th Anniversary Academic Events from 15 – 19 January 2020.

During their visit, they visited the SNEC, SERI, Ocular Reading Center (SORC) and Myopia Center Successively. After in-depth communications and discussions with Prof. Wong Tien Yin, Medical Director of SNEC, Ms.Charity Wai, Chief Operating Officer of SNEC, Prof. Aung Tin, Director of SERI, Prof. Lei Zhou,Prof. Ecosse Lamoureux, Prof. Cheng Ching Yu and Dr. Tham Yih Chung from SERI , Dr. Louis Tong and Dr. Lim Li from SNEC, the direction and content of future cooperation between TMUEH and SNEC/SERI were further determined.  

SNEC lobby 

Group photo with Prof. Wong Tien Yin ( middle of the front row), medical director of SNEC 

Group photo with Ms. Charity Wai (center), Chief Operating Officer of SNEC

In SNEC, the delegation visited and learned the procedure of day surgery appointment, day ward management, image examination room setting and intravitreal injection. The process is clear, efficient, and the staff costs are low.

In SERI, they took a visit to the research clinic. The center covers a large area and has a compact and reasonable layout, which divided into more than 10 examination rooms according to the checking process. It has 12 personnel comprising of doctors, optometrists, nurses, and receptionists. Research clinic is well- equipped including several optical coherence topography, ultrasound biological microscope, confocal microscope and Heidelberg retinal tomography system, etc. In addition, independent statistical department, computer department, as well as ophthalmologists from the various subspecialties can support its operation.

Group photo with Prof. Ang Chong Lye (the 3rd from left), former director of SNEC

Discussion with Prof. Zhou Lei (the 1st from left), Dr. Louis Tong (the 1st from right), and Dr. Lim Li (the 2nd from right)

Discussion with Prof. Ecosse Lamoureux (the 1st from right)

During this visit, the two parties had a detailed and adequate discussion on the APP project of dry eye and visual quality assessment before and after the high-end intraocular lens surgery and refractive surgery, as well as the Beichen Eye Study. The strategic cooperation agreement on proteomics research was also signed. In addition, the mode and requirements for young doctors and graduate students from TMUEH going to SNEC /SERI for further study in a long-term of more than one year as well as a short-term of 1-6 months were specified.

Group photo with Prof. Aung Tin (the 4th from left), Director of SERI,and Dr Tham Yih Chung (far left)

The late Prof. Arthur Lim, the founding director of SNEC and a professor of ophthalmology at the National University of Singapore and an internationally renowned ophthalmologist, contributed to the construction of the International Intraocular Implant Training Centre of Tianjin (the predecessor of TMUEH) in 1989 and established Singapore National Eye Centre in 1990. Two centers became sister center in 1999. Over the past 30 years, the SNEC has strongly supported the development of TMEUH in terms of talent training, clinical research, education and training. In the future, we will inherit the benevolent spirit of two founders, Prof. Yuan Jiaqin and Prof Arthur Lim, maintain the original intention, further strengthen the cooperation and enhance TMUEH’s international influence.

Tianjin Medical University Eye Hospital