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British Expert visited our hospital

On 15th June 2018, Professor Johnny Moore, Medical director of Cathedral Hospital, Ulster University visited Tianjin Medical University Eye Hospital. Prof. Moore is an experienced surgeon in anterior segment diseases. Alongside the basic and translation molecular biological research he has also been involved in the constant iterative advancements which have taken place in clinical medicine surrounding cataract and refractive surgery. He has been involved in research with Dr Yan Jin from Queen’s University, Belfast, UK. School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering in the development of novel robotic tools designed to manage various anterior segment surgeries. A new MM formula using a machine-learning approach has been developed to finetune the clinical outcome of cataract surgery. Additionally, Prof. Moore has a large practice involving mainly premium IOL implantation surgery to achieve optimized refractive outcome for cataract patients. He is currently on the editorial board of the Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.

Prof. Li Xiaorong, the director of TMUEH, showing Prof. Moore around and briefing him on the hospital 

Prof. Moore visiting the hospital history exhibition introduced by Ms. Yang Li from the administrative department 

Dr. Jiao Mingfei briefing Prof. Moore on the culture corridor collecting all the calligraphy works presented by the patients for their gratitude to the doctors   

Prof. Moore visiting the memorial chamber for cornea donation introduced by Dr. Wu Tong 

Prof. Moore is listening the introduction about Prof. Yuan Jiaqin and Prof. Arthur Lim, both founders of TMUEH, by Mr. Wang Qiuhai from the information centre of the hospital

Dr. Bu Shaochong (1st from left) ,the head of the international exchange department, accompanied Prof. Moore during the visit

With the company of the medical director of TMUEH, Prof. Li Xiaorong, Prof. Moore had a tour in the hospital. The staff of TMUEH volunteers introduced the historical events and development of the hospital, the cultural corridor, the corneal donation memorial chamber and the international exchange program for Prof. Moore in fluent English.  

The long discussion of the basic and clinical research and clinical experience was taken place in the meeting room on the fourth floor. First, Prof. Moore gave a general introduction of his research program in cataract, cornea and refractive surgery. This was followed by a interactive discussion with doctors of the cataract and corneal and refractive surgery department, which covered a broad spectrum of topics includes: the development and advancement of IOL calculation formula, the application of hybrid multifocal IOL implantation, the advancement of laser refractive surgery and corneal crosslinking, the preoperative assessment and treatment strategy of dry eye, the personalized quality of life questionnaire, the clinical application of penetrating keratoplasty and the stem cell based corneal endothelial cell transplantation. His profound knowledge and clinical experience, as well as the critical and logical mind in research and practice deeply impressed the doctors of TMUEH.

Besides the busy clinical and basic research, Prof. Moore is a father of 7 lovely children. Four of his daughters are currently learning Chinese , one of them is already fluent with 2000 vocabulary. Dr. Eric Pazo, the PhD graduate of Prof. Moore, is an alumnus of Tianjin Medical University International Medical School. They are both very keen to forge a constant collaboration in the future to promote the development of the clinical and basic research of both hospitals.


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