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From “What can I do for you?” to “What can I do with you?”- Listening to the patient’s voice, from the 13th WAEH Annual Meeting

From 5 to 10 of June, Prof. Li Xiaorong, the director of TMUEH and Dr. Bu Shaochong from cataract department participated in the 13th Annual meeting of World Association of Eye Hospitals, which was organized in London with the oldest eye hospital of Europe, Moorfields Eye Hospital. The themes of this year were: Eye Care & Digital Revolution, The Patient Voice, Different models of Eye Care and How to improve safety and quality in eye hospitals worldwide. The core mission of the conference is to improve patient safety and care quality by the application of advanced technology and insightful innovation ideas.  

There were a series of world renown innovators, thinkers and educators join the meeting and present their keynote lectures. Dr Alan Karthikesalingam (Research Lead) explored the challenges facing modern medicine and evaluate how artificial intelligence can help address them. Using his experience as a vascular surgeon, as well as the recent work that DeepMind Health are doing, he demonstrated how new advances can help clinicians deliver better, faster care to patients. Dr. Jeremy Farrar is director of the Wellcome Trust, an independent British charitable foundation that pursues a better health worldwide. He emphasized the importance in research, and it should be always relevant to practical issue. Prof. Sir Peng Khaw addressed the importance of research and its profound influence in shaping the future eye care system.

Dr. Bu Shaochong presented the ophthalmology alliance of our hospital and the quality control program we are currently implementing to the member hospitals. Prof. Li Xiaorong had discussion with Prof. Nora A Colton, Prof. Peng Khaw, Ms. Charity Wai and Dr. Pauline Rumma for future collaboration in education and training as well as the clinical research program. With the conclusion of the meeting, TMUEH will be further beneficial from the inspiring ideas that brought by the speakers and implemented into our daily work. The ultimate purpose is for providing better care for our patients, not only the cutting edge medical innovative technology, but top class care that design to fit the patients’ convenience. 


Dr. Bu Shaochong was speaking at the 13th WAEH Annual Meeting 

From L to R:Dr. Bu Shaochong, Ms. Charity Wai, the COO OF SNEC, Prof. Li Xiaorong, the director of TMUEH,Mr. David  Probert, the CEO of Moorfields Eye Hospital
Tianjin Medical University Eye Hospital