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Striving upon the first thirty years of success, the 100-year-legacy of the founders will be endued from generation to generation

From 27 to 29 of September, the coast of Bohai received the cool breeze of autumn. Nearly two hundred ophthalmologists and visual scientists from 8 countries and regions around the world gathered in Tianjin for the 11th International Meeting of Tianjin Medical University Eye Hospital in conjunction with the 30 years anniversary of the hospital and 15 years anniversary of the optometry school. The meeting attracted more than 500 participants for the lectures and scientific symposia. 


Group photo of the opening ceremony

The opening ceremony of the 11th International meeting of Tianjin Medical University Eye Hospital was held in the morning of 28th September. After the video presentation showcasing the 30-year-history and progress of Tianjin Medical University Eye Hospital, Prof. Li Xiao-rong, medical director of TMUEH gave the opening speech by welcoming all the experts and friends who traveled a long distance to join and support. He also introduced the 30 years achievements of the hospital, including the name changes, expansion, relocation and the recent development of 10-2-5 academic framework of TMUEH. Furthermore, on behalf of the hospital he extent profound appreciation to all the leaders and friends that have been longstanding support for the hospital and welcome everyone to continue to collaborate and share their knowledge and experience. Prof. Edmund Wong, deputy director of Singapore National Eye Center; Prof. Yao Ke, the chairman of Chinese ophthalmological Society; Mrs. Zhao Shuang, Director of Social Development Bureau of Tianjin Binhai High-tech Industrial Development Area; Prof. Du Hong-yin, Deputy director of Tianjin Health Committee; Prof. Yan Hua, President of Tianjin Medical University addressed during the opening ceremony. 

Prof. Wei Rui-hua hosting the opening ceremony
Prof. Li Xiaorong gave the opening speech
Prof. Edmund Wong, deputy director of Singapore National Eye Centre spoke at the opening ceremony
Prof. Yao Ke, Chairman of Chinese Ophthalmological Society spoke at the opening ceremony
Mrs. Zhao Shuang, director of social development Bureau of Tianjin Binhai High-Tech Industrial Development Area
Prof. Du Hongyin, deputy director of Tianjin Health committee
Prof. Yan Hua, the president of Tianjin Medical University
Keynote lecture by Prof. Wang Ning-li: What We Know and What We don’t Know on Normal Tension Glaucoma

Keynote lecture by academician Prof. Yang Xiong-li: Intensification of Pupillary light response (PLR) by orexin-A is mediated through intrinsic photosensitive retinal ganglion cells (ipRGCs)
The two lectures in memory of Prof. Yuan Jia-qin & Prof. Arthur Lim were presented by Prof. Yao Ke on the management of PACS: Lens extraction vs YAG laser peripheral iridotomy and Prof. Donald Tan on Corneal transplantation in Asia: Leading the way. 

Prof. Yuan Jia-qin and Prof. Arthur Lim memorial lecture by Prof. Donald Tan on Corneal transplantation in Asia: Leading the way.

These insightful lectures were followed by the remembrance ceremony of Prof. Yuan and Prof. Lim in the lobby of Tianjin Medical University Eye Hospital. Many friends and colleagues of late Prof. Yuan and Prof. Lim shared their memories with the two founders of the hospital and inspired their successors to endure their legacy.

Ms. Charity Wai, COO of Singapore National Eye Centre, Prof. Zhao Jia-liang, formal president of Chinese Ophthalmological Society from Peking Union Hospital, Prof. George Woo, Hongkong Polytechnic University School of Optometry, Prof. Wang Wen-ji from Eye & ENT hospital of Fu Dan University, Prof. K. T. Oh from America and Prof. David Smith from Sick Kids hospital of Canada shared their story with the late professors and their friendship with TMUEH.

Tianjin Medical University Alumni Reunion

During the meeting, Prof. Wei Rui-hua, the party secretary of TMUEH and Prof. Zhao Shao-zhen, deputy director of TMUEH hosted the reunion activity. Nearly two hundred alumni of fellows, post-graduates and undergraduates joined the reunion activities. They share their experiences in work and life, the common struggles and their achievements with their juniors, which has been a great input and contribution to the extra curriculum for the education of the university and optometry school.  
The 11th International meeting of TMUEH contained 7 symposia covering the major aspects of the modern ophthalmology, including: biometry and surgical planning, medical retina & neuro-ophthalmology, orbital diseases & ocular plastic, Tianjin international retina day, ocular immunology & uveitis, optometry education & myopia prevention and cataract & glaucoma symposium about the practical applications of new advances in eye care.  
Tianjin Medical University Eye Hospital has been established for 30 years. It is a significant milestone, but also a new beginning for the future development. We will carry on the 100-year-legacy of our founder and pave the way to our future fulfillment with the core value of benevolence, inheritance and innovation. 

Tianjin Medical University Eye Hospital