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"Mutual Learning and Better communication on Nursing Management" of Roundtable conference in ENT Professional Committee of Nursing

In the afternoon of September 28, 2019, the Tianjin Medical University Eye Hospital held a round table meeting on the theme of “Mutual Learning and Better Communication on Nursing Management”. Dr. Allan Fong, the head of the cataract and comprehensive ophthalmology of Singapore National Eye Center, Dr. Mun Wai Lee, the medical director of Lee Eye Center of Ipoh, Malaysia and all members of the Professional Committee of the Tianjin Nursing Society participated in this symposium.

Round table discussion in better communication and evaluation for efficient work performance 


Dr. Allan Fong and Mun Wai Lee have a lively discussion with everyone. 


The theme of the roundtable was “How to mobilize the enthusiasm of nurses through scientific performance appraisal” and “How to deal with complaints about service disputes”. On the issue of performance appraisal, how to be fair and just is the issue that many nursing leaders faced. Dr. Allan Fong introduced the multi-faceted assessment mechanism of SNEC. The Singapore Health Group has changed the model of full vertical management in the past to a multi-faceted comprehensive evaluation on the quality of nursing work to better enhance the enthusiasm of nurses. Dr. Mun Wai Lee, introduced the periodical assessment and feedback system, the evaluation strategy and the stratified management model of nurses in the hospital, which enabled the nursing managers and the nurses themselves to have a comprehensive understanding of performance appraisal. In addition, the two experts agreed that patient complaints were a problem that medical workers around the world would face. Only by establishing a good sense of professionalism among nurses can the nursing staff avoid the current situation of mutual damage between patients and nurses in the complaint. Dr. Mun Wai Lee also recommended the significance of team build activities and the strategies he applied to promote the show-up rate. He believes that the participation in a small amount of expenses is significantly higher than free in team building activities. And this program has been insisted by the Lee Eye Center for more than 40 years. The nursing managers who participated in the round table actively raised confusion and doubts during various jobs. The two experts also shared their experiences and treatments with all members. 

Mrs. Liu Hua, head of nursing department of TMUEH, discussed and exchanged management experience with experts during the conference.


Many new ideas and concepts have been brought to everyone through this round table discussion. For example, nursing work is more than just physical labor which are injections and medicines. The seemingly simple nursing management work includes many subjects such as humanities, philosophy and interpersonal communication. Nursing safety and quality of service can only be guaranteed through a multi-scientific management model.   

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