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Prof Wei Ruihua MD PhD
Senior Consultant
Department Cornea& Refractive Surgery; Optometry Center
Languages Chinese & English
Conditions treated Keratitis; Conjunctivitis; Dry eye; Myopia
Procedures performed Refractive cataract surgery, myopia laser surgery, post scleral reinforce surgery
Research interests Epidemiology of myopia; new advance of myopia control; treatment of keratoconus
Education and training  
2009-2010 Scientific Training University of Southern California
2009-2011 PhD Tianjin Medical University
2002-2005 Master’s degree National University of Singapore
1993-1998 undergraduate Tianjin Medical University
Activities and honors  
Professional memberships Member of the Optometry Group of the Chinese Medical Association Ophthalmology Branch
    Reviewer of Chinese Journal of Optometry Ophthalmology and Visual Science
    Member of the First Women's Physician Association's First Optometry Professional Committee
    Member of the Youth Committee of the 12th Committee of the Chinese Medical Association Ophthalmology Branch
Awards and honors   Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Award: Third Prize, Certificate No. 2017JB-3-165, Second Completion
    Tianjin Medical University Teaching Achievement Award: Second Prize, First Completion
Selected publications  
2018 Curr Eye Res Guihua Liu ; Nan Jin; Hua Bi; Bei Du; Tianpu Gu; Bin Zhang; Ruihua Wei , Long-Term Changes in Straylight Induced by Overnight Orthokeratology: An Objective Measure Using the Double-Pass System
2018 Transl Vis Sci Technol Jinghui Wang; Dan Yang; Hua Bi; Bei Du; Weiping Lin; Tianpu Gu; Bin Zhang; Ruihua Wei , A New Method to Analyze the Relative Corneal Refractive Power and Its Association to Myopic Progression Control With Orthokeratology
2018 Eye and Contact Lens Daqian Lu; Tianpu Gu; Weiping Lin; Na Li; Boteng Gong; Ruihua Wei , Efficacy of Trial Fitting and Software Fitting for Orthokeratology Lens: One-Year Follow-Up Study
2017 Stem Cell Research & Therapy Lu X#, Wang X#, Nian H, Yang D, Wei RH Mesenchymal stem cells for treating autoimmune dacryoadenitis.
2017 Molecular Vision Wang X , Zhang Y, Zhou L, Wei RH ,Dong LJ. Comparison of Fibrin Glue and Vicryl Sutures in Conjunctival Autografting for Pterygium Surgery.
2017 Eye & Contact Lens Liu G, Chen Z, Xue F, Li J, Tian M, Zhou X, Wei RH . Effcets of Myopia Orthokeratology on Visual Performance and Optical Quality.
2016 IOVS Xue Li , Xiaoxiao Lu , Deming Sun , Xilian Wang , Liyuan Yang ,Shaozhen Zhao,Hong Nian and Ruihua Wei. Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Reduce Lymphocytic Infiltration in a Rabbit Model of Induced Autoimmune Dacryoadenitis.
2015 Drug Des Devel Ther Zhang Y, Han Q, Ru Y, Bo Q, Wei RH. Anti-VEGF treatment for myopic choroid neovascularization: from molecular characterization to update on clinical application.
2014 Clin Exp Immunol RuiHua Wei,Dong L,Xiao Q,Sun D,Li X,Nian H. Engagement of toll-like receptor 2 enhances interleukin(IL)-17(+)autoactive T cell response via p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase signalling in dendritic cells.
Research activities   
1. Epidemiology of myopia in children and adolescents in Tianjin and its associated risk factors.
2. Subjective and objective methods for evaluating visual quality changes after Orthokeratology
3. Ocular biometric characteristics of keratoconus
4.The mechanism of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and MSC-derived exosomes in the treatment of autoimmune dry eye
Publications on Pubmed links https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=Han+Ding%5BAuthor%5D
Tianjin Medical University Eye Hospital