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The 6th Tianjin Intl Retina Day - We Fight Against Blindness Together

On 5th June 2021, the 6th Tianjin International Retina Day was held in the Arthur Lim Auditorium of Tianjin Medical University Eye Hospital as one of series of academic activities of the 70th Anniversary of Tianjin Medical University. It has been six years in a role that the retina specialists from domestic and overseas come together during this event with English as the official language for idea exchanging and case discussion in the field of vitreoretinal diseases. The meeting contained one day of lectures given by many distinguished retinal specialists and scholars and a series of case discussions on the Sunday morning (6th June).


The meeting invited 37 speakers from Singapore, Japan, United States and the United Kingdom as well mainland China, Hong Kong China for keynote lectures, invited lectures and case discussion. The total number of onsite participants was 240 and that of the online audience was 2951.


The opening ceremony was commenced with the opening speeches of Prof. Yan Hua, the President of Tianjin Medical University; Prof. Wong Tien Yin, medical director of Singapore National Eye Center and Prof. Li Xiaorong, the director of Tianjin Medical University Eye Hospital. Prof. Li addressed the audience for his appreciation of the participants of the experts and the celebration of the Centennial Anniversary of the CPC as well as the 70th anniversary of Tianjin Medical University. With the kind support and friendship, we believe the meeting this year will be another dynamic celebration of our intellectual exchanges. He’d like to warmly welcome everyone to join and to share their experience, to forge collaboration and together to fight the blinding ocular conditions. Prof. Yan Hua emphasized that the international exchange of knowledge is a vitally important platform for the improvement of the medical service. TMUEH has been developed in a fast track and he wishes more scientific and clinical research will bear fruits in the near future. Prof. Wong congratulated the success of the meeting and as longtime friend and collaborative partners, SNEC would continue to join the meeting and looking for more opportunities for knowledge exchange and collaboration.


Tianjin International Retina Day focused on the diagnosis and treatment of vitreo-retinal diseases. The invited speakers shared their experiences in the clinical outcome of new treatment and the recent advancement of our understanding of the pathogenic mechanisms underlying the diseases. During the case discussions, eleven cases were presented by the invited speakers, the panel led by Prof. Hui Yannian, a famous retina specialist from Xijing Hospital, dived into the detailed analysis of the cases which provides a vivid example for the young doctors for their development of critical thinking in the clinical scenario.


At the end of the meeting Prof. Hui summarized that Tianjin International Retina Day aimed at knowledge exchange and promoted high quality care. The meeting has been a good opportunity for education which is beneficial to all the ophthalmologists.


Tianjin International Retina Day has been organized annually for 6 years. A platform for communication, collaboration and education has been formed with all the staff of TMUEH. We will keep on thriving and providing better care for our patients and fighting against blinding conditions together with our colleagues and our patients.


Prof. Li Xiaorong                                     Prof. Yan Hua                                    Prof. Wong Tien Yin


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